Foster Pride
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Named "One of NYC's 4 Best Charities" by

Foster Pride provides free arts programs, scholarships, and internships to over 400 New York City children and teens in foster care. Our mentoring and job-preparedness programs help teenagers develop the skills they need to live independently as they age out of the foster care system.

The Facts:
Nearly 50% of all foster children never graduate from high school.

68% of foster children later need food stamps.

Seven out of ten homeless people in New York were once in foster care.

helps children and teens in foster care to beat the odds!

Your gift to Foster Pride
makes a big difference in the
lives of NYC's foster children!

$2500 = the cost of a teen Financial Literacy Workshop

$1000 = an entire year of art supplies for one of our classes

$500 = two scholarships to private art classes

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