• Onyedika

    A native of Nigeria, Onyedika came to Foster Pride for help putting together a portfolio. With his mentor’s guidance, Onyedika was accepted at Cooper Union and later, to a prestigious printmaking program at Yale, which was underwritten by a Foster Pride Enrichment Scholarship. Today Onyedika, a recent Fulbright finalist, is a working artist with TKTKTKTK.

  • Brittany

    When Brittany aged out of care and needed a place to live, we were able to help her secure low-income housing in a beautiful new “green” housing complex. But as a high school graduate, her lack of a college education held her back;  Brittany was working at an uninspiring office job.  Designer Marcia Patmos, who

  • Sammy

    Sammy came to a Foster Pride computer class when he was 12. But once a week wasn’t enough for Sammy— he started showing up at his mentor’s office every day after school, and they soon fell into a routine: They would work on Sammy’s homework and eat dinner together.  Initially, Sammy wasn’t a good student,