When Brittany aged out of care and needed a place to live, we were able to help her secure low-income housing in a beautiful new “green” housing complex. But as a high school graduate, her lack of a college education held her back;  Brittany was working at an uninspiring office job.  Designer Marcia Patmos, who met Brittany through HandMade,decided to take a chance on her—choosing Brittany over more experienced students from Parson’s or F.I.T. for a coveted internship at her firm, M. Patmos. Brittany’s excitement about her job says everything:

“Today we worked on shooting pictures for the new website and spent hours pinning clothing to foam boards and getting it just right. It was pretty cool–an interesting challenge and everyone was very helpful, encouraging, and patient. Also was great because my attention to detail was put to use. Tomorrow we’re working with models. I was there from 1:20ish to about 6–it went by so quickly!”

Brittany doesn’t just have employment; she has a future she’s looking forward to.

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